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    Graphic/Web Designers!!!

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      The economy is horrible... we all know that. But there are a few things people will still go to great lengths to do, aside from the every day gas, food, and housing.

      They will still do what they can to hang out with their families and make memories. Preserving those memories is also a very important thing to these people and I have a way to make it happen in the ever changing hi-tech world we live in. If you search for ways to accomplish this preservation on the internet, there are a few companies who have semi-accomplished this in a great way. I assumed someone else had already come up with my idea, but I must say I haven't found a company that has quiet gotten it right. I can't go into great detail on a public level, because sadly there are too many people looking to steal a great idea for their own benefit.

      However, I can say if you are well versed in Photoshop cs2-3, Illustrator, web/myspace design, and audio/video programs I will consider pulling you into this project. There is already a company name, 1st drafts on a logo, a myspace and the majority of the customer relation kinks worked out.

      I am not in DIRE need of a partner, but collaboration on this would be more beneficial... you know, that whole "two heads are better than one" thing...

      I can give much more detail to anyone interested after a portfolio and skills/abilities review. If you are interested, please leave all information about your talents and prior projects you have worked on. If you think your profile has enough info for me, just say so and I will be sure to check it out.