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    Is Online Learning the Future of Education?

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      As an educator I engaged the thought that education takes place all around us if we would only stop to put the ideas and stimuli we are introduced to into some form of content. I am a product of the seventies. I still remember the slide rule and the first calculators the size of a shoebox that did basic math. Funny thing was you were not allowed to use a calculator on tests as it was seen as a form of cheating.
      So what about the future? University of Phoenix graduated more students onliine than on campus. Major universities have embraced the online revolution in a way to cut budget shortfalls and accomodate more working class students. Even high schools are experimenting with the process of delivering education without the common experience of one on one peer interaction.
      How does education continue when we have left the bounds of conventional schooling?
      As a business owner I have paid thousands of dollars to train my sales staff. Tom Hopkins tapes are still sitting on my boolshelf. Tapes don't work well in a CD format. The Sandler Sales Institute taught my sales staff to find the customers pain and heal them with our product. Those VHS tapes no longer play in the Blu Ray world we live in. And yet, CD's and Blu Ray players will likely be victims of the same fate.
      The 21st century has seen "You Tube "generate 14 billion views this year. The format? A grainy 3 inch box to watch video from. The content? Many times questionable at best (not all content).
      If you could receive ongoing education with personal development and positive reinforcement as the content 24 hours a day on your internet would you continue your education? Your families education? Your staffs education? Would you share it with your friends? If instead of thousands of dollars in tuition or thousands to educate your sales force would you subscribe to online education from the Master Speakers for a minimal subscription?
      I believe anyone who believes Learning Lasts A Lifetime should look at the delivery of education in a 21st century format.
      iLearningGlobal is that format. Join a wave of people as they become a Tsunami of powerful Education. Be my gueat at or
      e-mail me at for more info.
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          I believe online education is a great medium for people to learn without compromising a busy schedule, say if you're a 'stay at home mom' who wants to further your education without leaving the house. It also helps those who are too far from the campus to attend but are still interested in said subject, as the internet is everywhere. It also helps people not miss classes since the nearest computer can become your classroom. Alot of my knowledge came from online courses, and i quickly picked up on a countless amount of information at my own pace, while working 2 jobs. I will partly defend the old method, as a hands on approach will always beat out the virtual window into learning, but it's all in how you process the data. Once you've picked up, having the online courses under your belt would give you an edge when attending the traditional 'sit-down' style college seminars.
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              iLearning4U Wayfarer

              Thanks for the exchange...would it be too much to ask for you to look at and give your opinion of the content and value. I would appreciate it coming from someone who already has engaged in online education. If you feel uncomfortable posting here, please send comments to my e-mail at

              Thx Tim
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                  I undestand the videos premise of education being 'at ones fingertips' on the internet but what exactly IS iLearningGlobal and the program they speak of? Was the video just there to get me interested and ask questions? I would like a lot more information on this program to accuratly draw a conclusion of it.
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                      iLearning4U Wayfarer
                      The site was developed first as a site to train individuals in sports techniques. Some of the individuals who puchased the technology are high profile sports figures. The technology which is only available to six major companies including the major TV stations, Oprah and now iLearningGlobal is based on hi-def bandwidth to provide full streaming hi speed video to the internet. The premise of the site changed when Brian Tracy contacted the principals and offered to bring all of the top speakers in the world to a faculty driven online higher education site. Thus the birth of
                      Master speakers see the site as way to change the delivery of their personal development and positive messaging systems. A master speaker would travel the world to deliver their messages of the infinite potential in human development. Top speakers would log many days on the road and in the air to deliver messages to those wealthy enough to be at one of their appearances. Brian Tracy knew the day would come when the speakers could unite and offer their life changing messages to the masses without having to travel the world to do so. The premise of the knowledge that Master speakers have is that it does not one ounce of good if it is not shared.
                      For a nominal monthly fee $79.95 a month individuals are able to connect to a video library of topics that impact the positive outcomes of their daily lives.
                      Imagine starting the day with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor... some of the greatest teachers of our time. Imagine the re-setting of your thinking to start or end a day positively instead of taking in the negative news we are fed by the media.
                      Business owners can now use this system to train their staffs, motivate their employees and engage in positive thinking at the click of a button 24/7.
                      If one chooses they can take advantage of a lucrative income referral opportunity. By becoming a marketer and sharing this anazing site with others you can enrich your life greatly.
                      We all have an inner judge who announces our shortcomings to us each aday as we awake. We can overcome that inner judge of doubt by engaging in knowledge.
             delivers the knowledge.
                      The company is in pre-launch and the opportunity is fresh and new. Global opportunities abound. Know someone overseas? Let me help you build an overseas team. If you wish to joiin up with a dynamic group build on Service as the first quality of Leadership then join me Tim Maas in iLearningGLobal
                      Contact me at and I will give you a guest code to view the full site. It would be my greatest aspiration to help you succeed.
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                  This is pretty cool-- the site is set up as a MLM opportunity.
                  Is this your or are you an affiliate?
                  With on-line video learning, you need to have lots and lots of content--
                  we know a few players personally in the space---
                  I can't find any videos to watch, but would like to.

                  small biz web marketing