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    Learning is Endless

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      Imagine the Possibilities,,,a Breakthrough Technology now allows individuals to be trained by the Masters of personal development.
      Imagine having access to Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Tony Alessandra, Paul Matinelli and many more...24/7 in Hi Def, fast streaming, full screen video on your internet connection. What would draw amazing speakers like this to iLearningGlobal ? It is the ability to impact millions of lives with their positive messages.
      Any business owner would benefit by making the subscription available to his/hers employees for personal development. Use the videos to train your sales force,
      Use the downloadable audio to extend the learning to your MP3 or car.
      Any individual who wishes to re-set their thinking would benefit from the 24/7 positive messages on topics relating to goal setting, motivation and skill enhancement.
      Lucrative earning structure allows for personal enrichment for those seeking to become marketers.
      Imagine a business where the product you sell is ongoing Education. An old quote " the more you Learn the more you Earn"
      Let me show you how...powerful teams being built now in this ground floor opportunity. Be my guest at or contact me at 602-463-1948.
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          Howard Adventurer
          what type of training videos do you offer?
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              The content is available online 24/7. The subscription for the service is $79.95/month. Less than a cup of coffee per day to have access to the World's Greatest speakers. Videos include Brian Tracy speaking about the 10 top goal setting techniques, or Tony Alessandra talking about , " The behavioral styles of selling",
              The faculty of iLearningGlobal provide multiple videos on many major topics. Each month new videos and content are introduced. This will become the largest online learning site for personal development in the world. The content is also available to subscribers in downloadable audio as well as e-book format.
              I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the first Masters Learning Conference in Phoenix yesterday and met Brian Tracy, Paul Martinelli, Tony Alessandra, Steve Siebold and other top speakers. There vision for this company and the opportunity it affords was amazing. Please view the site as my guest at
     and let me know what you think. By the way..saw the tennis racket...I play too.