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    Prostate Cancer Solutions - A New Blog is Formed

    chuckgallaghe Wayfarer

      Some of my collegues have said that I'm crazy - as I'm expending
      energy to focus on an area that is not a part of my daily livelyhood. I
      am a business ethics and sales motivational speaker and trainer. I am also a prostate cancer survivor!

      Because of my speaking and writing, I have elected to be an open
      book. That choice has carried into my work with prostate cancer as
      well. Because of that and the strong number of people who have
      contacted me asking questions and seeking help - I have chosen to write
      a book about not only my experience with prostate cancer but the
      experiences of literally hundreds of men.

      When I was diagnosed I became frustrated at the volume of
      information, but the lack of credible data from a survivors
      perspective. As a result serveral things are happening that may benefit
      the 280,000 men who this year will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

      One...the book is well underway. I am still conducting interviews
      from men who have had treatment for prostate cancer in various forms.
      GUYS...I know that it may sound strange, but I need your help. Your
      comments (taken confidentially) could save someone else's life. So,
      PLEASE, contact me so I can get your story. The time you spend with me
      in this short interview may be all it takes to help another or save a


      The other major issue is a new blog has been formed devoted strickly to the issues of PROSTATE CANCER. The blog can be found here and is called:

      Feel free to visit this blog and take the time to comment. Every
      comment has value and together we can create a safe place for men to
      focus their efforts to beat this dreaded disease. Your comments and
      help are greatly appreciated.

      For more information I can be contacted at