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    Advice needed-starting a new business

    Snowflake Newbie
      Hello to all of you who are so kind to be here on this site and help people like me who are trying to start their own business.
      Here is my story. I want to open a company to sell some electronic equipment oversees (I would buy it here and than export it-I already have a client) and needles to say I have a MILLION question in my head.
      First of all I'm not sure about the structure of my company-LLC or...what would you suggest? This will be my part time job, and I don't expect a big growth.
      I'm also confused about the taxes. If I pay taxes here, when I buy a product, can I deduct that since I'll export the product?
      What are the other thighs I need to be careful about because I will be exporting products?
      I will definitely need to talk to accountant and layer. Do I need to find a lawyer specialized in this area, or any lawyer would be able to help me?
      I know that some of these questions seem stupid, but everything is new to me and I'm almost in a panic mode.
      I greatly appreciate your help!