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    Looking for capital for new power source.

    magnacoil1 Wayfarer
      I spent a year and a 1/2 building a self powering motor. Now that the concept is done and working it seems that everybody is shying away. what am I doing wrong. Everybody want a new type of power source that needs nothing, well I have it and nobody wants it.
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          Have you tried publishing your research notes or attending trade shows to show off your new product? People are afraid of a phantom product because it's basically throwing money in the dark and hoping something throws back more. In this time of need, I'm sure a million investors would fund research and development on said project if you just attend one show and generate a little press around it. Write down your notes and forge out a good presentation outlining your theory and your final goal, what the cost of supplies are, and how long it will take for you to build X amount of test products for a demo launch. Also, once you get your invention near completion, contact companies that can benefit from your motor. Look around you and see how many appliances require a motor, and those ideas should flow quite easily.