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    New startup Business help

    greeleyclark Newbie
      Hello all, I am looking for some help with getting a equiptment lease or credit. I currently am in the process of starting my own Graphic Art, Silk screening and embroidery company. I have already established all licences needed to begin my business even obtained a website. I have an EIN number but somewhat bad personal credit and unable to get credit or a loan. I have 3 to 4 contracts ready to be signed from other small businesses for my service. What should i do with not having the credit score to assist my home business? All my needed equiptment will cost me about $18000.00. I have 40% of cost needed to get my equiptment but want to use it for supplies.
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          Fortis Adventurer

          Hope all is well. We can certainly help. Email me the details of the equipment. Also check us out online.


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            greeleyclark Newbie
            Hello i received your email from small business on line. I am looking to lease a Brothers embroidery machine and silk screening equipment from Silk Screening Supply Company. All my equipment will cost roughly $18000.00. The problem is i have bad personal credit from old accounts that are now paid but still affecting my credit. I have business and clientele to support my business but not the credit to fund my business. I am looking to pay all my business equipment off within 2 years. Can your company help