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    Small Package Express Delivery

    jcg197 Newbie
      We are a professional services company that sends out a lot of express packages (next day or 2nd day delivery) to clients and potential clients. We have been evaluating several of the companies. What are your thoughts on the different firms? US Postal Service? FedEx? UPS? DHL? Other?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Federal Express is my favorite.. Nothing ever goes perfect of course, but FDX has always been there to help me solve problems and get freight re-routed during embargoes. DHL has the benefit of being located in some really out of the way places overseas.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            For small package next day or second day, I prefer FedEx. If time is less critical, USPS Priority Mail is hard to beat (and if you use the USPS website to prepare the label, delivery confirmation is free).
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              froogalit Newbie
              My name is Steve May and I work with FroogaliT. We are a new startup in the Chicago area and our goal is to save companies money. We have begun partnering with several companies who offer services that lower costs for companies. A perfect time for it, huh?

              One of our partners is another Chicago company run by the former Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 100 company. Our partner offers a free service for any company with at least $50,000 in total shipping costs (between FedEX, UPS, and freight carriers like Yellow, etc.). The service costs nothing and you receive a FREE freight assessment that runs from 5 to 30 days. At the end of the assessment, they evaluate your actual shipping and negotiate a LOWER rate with UPS, FedEX, etc., and you keep your same shipping carriers.

              They are compensated based off of how much money they save you, the service is free, and on average companies are saving approximately 20% off of their TOTAL shipping costs for the entire year. They can also help you assess and re-engineer your logistics strategy if you would like as well.

              Whoever you choose to ship with, they can most likely save you money doing it.

              If you would like more information or would like to set up a quick call with them for your free assessment, just let me know! I can be reached at (312) 203-0492 or at
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                bizstart Wayfarer

                Depending on the volume and regularity of your shipments you may also want to consider a 3PL (third-party logistics provider) that will negotiate better freight rates on your behalf. DSi ( is excellent and commits to a savings guarantee that can offer as much as 20% savings below in-house programs.
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                  Yogeshsav Newbie
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