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    Airports with the worst travel delays?

    Howard Adventurer
      I am planning a holiday over to the East Coast and may opt to do a layover to save money. I am debating between which airport to transfer in, as there are multiple options. Is there a website that lists the U.S. airports and average on-timeschedule /average time delayed?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          During the holidays it's not the airport, BIG travel delays will be due to weather. Delays are caused by weather, maintenance issues, TSA problems and aircraft stacked in line waiting to take off. This can hit any airport at any time. If an airline has problems early in the day with maintenance issues then the rest of the day is pretty much shot.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Most delays result from weather, equipment/crew availability, security issues, and airport construction. You may be able to avoid airports with major construction and improve your chances, but those other factors are really day-to-day things. Also, certain airlines in certain airports may perform much better or much worse than the overall average for all of that airport's arrivals and departures. So I'm not sure how much historical data would help you (or where you could get it broken down in a way that would be useful).

            For real time info (where the trouble spots are right now), you can see the FAA's Operational Information System:



            Maybe watching that for a few days would alert you to the chronic problem areas. Happy trails . . .
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              Howard Adventurer
              Thanks for the helpful web references.
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                Most of my advice comes from personal experiences or experiences of friends. The worst delays are infact during weather systems or special events happening where you lay over. One of my friends, who was attending a convention with me, was stuck in Pittsburgh for 3 days due to the sheer amount of outgoing traffic to other places, and inavailablity of seats as well as a huge storm system where he was going (Denver). Another friend of mine was flying for LaGuardia to Atlanta, and her flight was cancelled due to snow in NY, and tornados in Georgia. Around this time of year, I dread any air travel that would touch around the upper states (O'Hare, LaGuardia, etc...) due to the frequency of snow/ice and the holiday season.

                There was an article in Forbes explaining the WORST airports, so I can't answer your question of averages, but I can at least warn you of what to avoid when you decide to have your holiday. Here's the URL:

                Have a safe trip, and have a happy holiday! :)