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    Too Many Un-Paid Bad Accounts ? Save $ BIG $ on Getting Paid

    HarmikBurbank Wayfarer

      Suppliers & Wholesalers and Business Owners: Do you have too many un-paid bad accounts with builders, contractors and service providers? Don't get mad... Get Paid ! AND don't give away 25, 30, even 40% of your money to a collection agency!


      You can use the same "leverage" that debt collection companies use to make a contractor pay off the debt. A Small Claims court judgment can result in contractor license suspensions - THAT is what finally makes them willing to pay. Since you know much more about this debt than anyone, YOU have a very good chance of winning in court, getting the judgment, and getting paid.


      But smart companies know they can't have productive employees standing in line for hours at the courthouse, or running around serving court papers. So they make a very expensive mistake: giving away a big part of their money to a collection agency.


      But now LegalCPU takes all the hassle out of small claims filing and process service - so YOU can easily get the same legal leverage as a percentage-based collector... But at a small fraction of the cost. We file and serve for Small Claims cases faster and far more efficiently. We eliminate your lost time, lost productivity and aggravation !


      Contact Legal CPU today, and see how our Small Claims filing and Service makes it fast and easy to keep $ hundreds or thousands $ of your money in your hands when collecting on bad accounts. Call before November 15th to ask about our 2008 End of Year Special to save an additional $30 on each account!


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