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    what's your idea about China and Chinese products?

    kephen Newbie

      Dear friends,I know there are many american people visit this website.

      Can anyone take sometimes to tell me your idea or image about China and products made in china?

      As we know,many products we used are made in China.What is your idea about quality of them?When financial crisis affect your live,will you choose to purchase cheap and of good quality products?And do you think you will have business chances if you can purchase chinese products and sell them in USA?

      When I post here,thinking of finding partner that is interest in China,I got now reply.I felt some disappointed.Can anyone tell me why,and how should I do?

      Thank you very much.

      kephen email
        • Re: what's your idea about China and Chinese products?
          I've heard many people shun chinese products as inferior and cheaply manufactured, but under the right circumstances, these issues are negatable. My sister owns an importing company that warehouses chinese products for distribution in the US, and alot of them I've seen are on par with quality that I an comfortable with. If i were given the scenario of having to use them due to the economy, I would use what I can to help keep my costs down.