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    Where do I start?

    GAdebutante76 Newbie
      I'm currently needing info on how to go about getting the proper funding to open my meals and more here in Georgia. This service is a much needed one in the area I live in. I'm almost finished with my business plan. I'm doing the finance part of the plan now. That's why I need funding info. I love to help any individual I can. I'm a people's person and would love to open this such service here. I've been in the public-eye field working since I was 15 years old...BUT, working for others. Now is the time for me to own something of my own, so I can leave behind a legacy of my own for my children and others too. I've heard that the best way to go about this funding is through the State of Georgia. I also heard about non-profit, which I know will work also. I just want the best route in for everyone involved. I know it's going to expand fast. I need the BEST, Proper and Accurate route available.
      Please give me any input or information you have that you think may help me succeed with my business!
      Thanks In Advance.
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          Fortis Adventurer
          Hello GAdebutante76,

          Welcome to the forum. Why dont you explain to us a bit more on exactly what it will take to get this business off the ground. Cost breakdown, location, vehicle, etc...


          Fortis Capital

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              GAdebutante76 Newbie
              Thanks for welcoming me aboard! Thanks for your response also in that short time frame. I was shocked when I checked my email just now. I'll get that information back to you ASAP!
              Have a great rest of the evening.
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                GAdebutante76 Newbie
                Hello, It's been a minute since we spoke. I'm sorry that it took me a month to get back to you in reference to my startup amount needed. I wanted to have every thing kinda finished so the next time we spoke I wouldn't take so long getting back to you. Sooo...I'm ready! I think I am anyway to answer any question you throw at me now. My startup will take approxiamately $260,000.00, which includes the purchasing of the property where the business will operate out of along with several other small businesses that will help compensate and help keep the meals on wheels running smoothly. I have my business plan outline complete with the projections for the first 3 years. I'm now working on the breakdown of each section, so I can get a bigger and better outlook on the whole plan and its projections when i'm finished. It's looking good so far. I hope you have some input that will guide me in the proper direction. I'm really excited and ready to help my community out in the ways they have needed help in for so long. Thanks in Advance for Your Help! I appreciate you alot. Have a good one! Hope to hear from you soon.
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                kephen Newbie
                Dear GAdebutante76,I hope you will have a good beginning soon.

                If you want to purchase from China in future,pls contact with me,I hope I can serve you.