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    Funding for large exotics rescue?

    MayanTraders Newbie
      Hello everyone!

      First, I'd like to say thank you for allowing me to join your community and I'll apologize up front for such a lengthy post.

      I operate a small reptile and invertabrate rescue in North Port, FL. Due to the increasing amount of animals needing to be rehomed, I'd like to start a non profit business where I carry supplies and feeders for herp owners (which this area desperately needs) and have exhibits for the public to come and learn about some of nature's most magnificent and misunderstood animals.

      Under the current system, reptiles that are displaced are euthanised. In my opinion, this does no justice to the community or the animals. My mission is to house an array of reptiles and invertabrates and educate the community on the care and husbandry of these animals. ( You would be amazed at how many people buy a baby Burmese Python at a reptile show, not realizing how big they get or how to properly care for them. )

      I'm currently working on my business plan.
      I have myself as well as other experienced handlers available for one on one discussion and lectures.
      I have contacted FL Fish & Wildlife Commission and they are sending me housing requirements as well as providing an officer for final inspection.
      I have found the perfect building. (Formerly "Basketville" in Venice, FL)
      I have a vet that specializes in exotics on retainer.
      I still need to find an accountant and an attorney.

      Now for the questions. This is still a pretty "nebulous" vision I have and could use some tips on how to make it more concrete.
      How do you go from "I want that" to how this can be created?
      Would this be classified as a zoo?
      Is there funding available for non profits like this? And how would I go about finding it?

      I hope this has been specific enough. If you should need me to elaborate, just let me know and I'd be happy to tell you more. Thank you all for you your input.

      Best regards,
      K. Brouse
      Mayan Traders Reptile & Invertabrate Center