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    Online Video Advertising

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      How do you get started advertising a medium sized business with video?
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          OnlinevideoAd-- isn't that what you do?
          Did you know that Google sells video advertising through Google AdWords?
          There are several players that serve small businesses for under $200---
          but the ads look templated.

          So do this-- get out your webcam and make a simple video, post to youtube and your profile and your site.
          Use decent lighting, but don't worry about anything else "professional"--- you are not a Hollywood pro
          and your clients don't expect that of you.
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            TheDreamMaker Wayfarer
            I can assist you with online video
            I have gotten started get in contact
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                @TheDreamMaker: Could you post us a website and share a little bit of your secrets with us? :)
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                    TheDreamMaker Wayfarer
                    I don't have a website on this topic I get paid thousands of dollars
                    attending a seminar on this very topic.

                    Online video is a major tool that we should be using in
                    communiting our message. There are several types of ways to get started in this
                    area one of the first things you can do is:

                    Go purchase a webcam I have a logic tech real easy to use just snap into your computer.
                    This cam cost about 100 bucks


                    Another digital can you can get is the New Flip this one is very cool you can get a flip from best buy
                    the flip is a mini camcorder it is very cool! Oh The flip is $125.00

                    There is also camtashia video which downsload to your computer really good with powerpoint
                    this camtashia is a tool that the Gurus like to use this. There is some free software you can use
                    for about 30 days or you can also purchase the product for about 299.00

                    YA, so get your script ready and prepare your self and get to making those products..
                    Again if you need additional help I can assist you. I got all the tools to get start with video on the web!

                    Much Sucess