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    12 year old kid w/ Leukemia needs help building a Website !

    superbrit17 Wayfarer

      12 year old kid w/ Leukemia needs help to

      building a dynamic website and PR representation

      If you read this post and can't help, please forward it to someone you know who can:

      It's time to give back and now we need your help!

      **Pat is a 12 year old kid with Leukemia.

      Despite all this kid has gone through he has one lifetime goal: To educate Kids throughout the world about people's


      various disabilities and to make Kids around the world respond to positive acts of kindness.

      But there's more.

      You see Pat is no ordinary Kid.

      He's an inspirational go-getter who's contacts include Craig Ferguson, Sean Penn, Lauren Conrad, the hosts of NBC's today show and hundreds of other Hollywood Celebs!

      He's built his own small website (, sponsored his shaved head, driven massive amount of bone marrow donors, raised thousands for charity and maneuvered himself into a position as a regular guest on various late night talk shows..all of this while still undergoing regular chemotherapy treatments.

      There is no doubt that everyone who comes into contact with Pat recognizes that he is a truly inspirational and special kid.

      But now, just for once, Pat needs your help to build a better world.

      (1)Help Pat Building the best website in the WORLD:

      He wants to build a professional website for Kids throughout the world to access in order to record kind deeds they have done throughout the day.
      The website needs to be highly scaleable and people should be able to post videos of themselves showing their natural acts of kindness.
      For this we need someone who can build a FANTASTIC WEBSITE, quickly and effectively for FREE.
      In return you are doing everything you can to help promote acts of kindness throughout the entire world. If you feel you can quickly develop such a website the whole family will be entirely grateful to you forever. Needless to say you will be giving back to the world...what more can you ask for?

      If you feel you can take on this sizeable task please call Steve immediately at 949-357-1025 or email:

      (2) Help Pat With his PR:

      Although Pat has already clocked more television appearances then a Hollywood veteran, he needs as MUCH FREE PR as possible in order to help spread his brand of charity.
      He is about to launch a new website aimed at Kids helping Kids throughout the entire world.
      He and his selfless family spend every free moment of their day attempting to make the world a better place, but they desperately need the help of a Professional PR agency who can co-ordinate his many media appearances and quickly spread his brand of selfless charity.
      Large or small agency it truly doesn't matter but you should be able to promote Pat in an honest and ethical way, co-ordinate his charitable activities and find sponsors.


      If you have a huge heart and truly want to help a 12 year old kid with Leukemia improve the world, I want to hear from you.
      The only compensation you will receive is a regular inner-glow knowing you've helped a one-of-a-kind, 12 year old kid, truly make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE to live in for EVERYONE!

      If you feel you can take on this sizeable task please call Steve immediately at 949-357-1025 or email: