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    Change We Need!

    LBZ_Chief Newbie
      Last week I posted a thread looking for help with working capital for a non-profit targeted at servicing low-income populations.
      I was very explicit in noting that our objective is to serve people who want to help themselves. Our desire is to create community equity, and bring the people we serve onto an equal playing field with all Americans.
      I only got one response, someone tell me, is that because I mentioned poor people and no one cares, or was it the Katrina reference that caused skeptisim, because I know there is a stigma about poor, black and hispanics, especially black.
      Just to clear anyones apprehensions, we are not some militant group thinking someone owes us, we are just poor people black, white, pink, and purple, looking for the American Dream.
      Who makes the decision anyway about social classification andwho's entitled to help at attaining the "Dream". Change WE NEED happens tonight in just a couple of more hours. I just ask that people are open minded and remember we are all Americans, we play for the same team!!!