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    Help Determining a CPA - Provision

    WinTek08 Newbie
      I have been speaking with Provision in regards to filing my business taxes (LLC, single Member, Computer Consulting business) and they had asked me to put a $1500 retainer as an initial deposit fee. This is my very first time seeking for a CPA and filing my business taxes for Year 2008. Does anyone know the average cost to get a CPA to file for a 1040 Schedule C form, generally speaking?

      Does anyone have Provision as their CPA? I'm trying to determine which CPA should I go with if all I'm trying to do is pay my quaterly taxes (federal & state). This is all new to me so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Is this ProVision Wealth Strategists? If so....

          I am going to put in my two cents here, but remember it's coming from left field with very little info.What I found is a privately owned full services financial company. It seems like the company is small but is trying to do a lot. For me, that's a red flag. On the about us tab on the website...there is no 'us' only services 'we' offer. I am thinking the 'royal we' here, not the plural 'we'.

          Some companies requrie a deposit prior to doing a tax return; 1500.00 is not out of line, depending on how many schedules you have to file with the 1040. I am supposing here that you are not planning on filing the 1040 short from. However for a schedule C only...that seems to be a bit steep. Perhaps there is some sort of communication breakdown here. ProVision may be under the impression that you need the entire 1040 completed. None of my business here, but why the split between preparation of the 1040 and C?

          The Feds and State will send you your quarterly form(s). They are actually fairly easy to fill out. I do all of my payroll, tax deposits and other routine things and then my CPA puts it all together at the end of the year. He was the one who got me to start being pro active in my finances.

          Good Luck. DD
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            intechspecial Ranger
            I have never heard of Provision, and it might help if you add some more information about this company. What is there website?


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              Elite1 Adventurer
              This price seems extremely steep! I know that my fees are no where near that... for the tax preparation services you have listed. Maybe there is a miscommunication regarding what you are you requesting? Do they think they will be providing more? If I were you I would get answers regarding what those funds would cover. You could probably find good services for a lot less.

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