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    Art Project Needs Funding-Help?

    dantbrown Newbie
      Although, I am generally hired as a business consultant for established businesses in need of managerial guidance, I am often asked if I would assist in locating funding for ventures. Seldom do I except, however, I have been asked to help secure funding for a project that has, in my opinion, tremendous opportunities. The project can be seen at It outlines the history of the African American jockey via paintings and sculpture. Reknowned artist Michael McBride is slated to create 50 paintings of these historic figures and is currently displaying the works around the country-good enough. The funding needed at this juncture is for the merchandising (for profit) which I can say first hand is remarkable! The multiple projects slated in the business plan and prospectus have the backing of a Grammy Award winning musician, incredible director, and several other primaries. My advice when in comes to investors has often been spread the wealth and search for several BUSINESS investors with an eye on the bottom line and not the day to day business rather then a single investor that may wish to become a partner (unless that is your need). However, that is usually my advice and seldom my mission to accomplish. So here I am, looking for investors but not my regular disconnected business investors. Investors with a different mindset: Passionate Art Lovers! Where do I start?