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    murph2279 Newbie

      I am looking for information on micro lending in the U.S


      I am familiar with the practice in developing nations; however I can't seem to find all that much here in the U.S.


      I work for a small non profit that assists in refugee resettlement. As part of resettlement there is employment. Now a majority of the refugee's that are here are skilled but not necessarily in the traditional American idea of skill. I am looking to utilize the skills of the refugees and empower them to create and market their abilities, in a collective and sustainable way. So I am looking for any information that may be of help in micro finance and loans.


      Thank you
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          There are a few micro lending sites on the web. Google can direct you. The concept has not really caught on in the US, but all it takes is one person to get the ball rolling.

          Perhaps you may want to find some people to contribute to a general type of micro lending fund, have a partnership or some sort of non profit set up, put up a website and get started.