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    How to Start BPO?

    abcvidu Newbie
      Hi I'm Nuwan

      Dear Friends, I'm from Sri Lanka. Here we have feasible envionment to start BPO. We have all broadban facilities and required knowladge are available in country. So As a india, we are capable of handling BPO in Sri Lanka. I'm from very strong comapny which will be already caterd to the international market. So here i'm seeking a new bussiness opertunity in BPO.

      So please let me know how to initiate the BPO and how to contact main company to cater our services? please email me to or my phone +94 773469687.

      Also I 'm welcome any company would like to offer BPO opertunity to us.

      Best Regards

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          Szarafin Wayfarer
          It definitely makes sense to start a BPO company and trying to get foreign orders.
          I have already had a discussion with many people who want to start a BPO business or who already run one but are in a need of orders. I have given them some advice, the post can be found here:

          <a href="">Hot subject: BPO company - how to start and run it?</a>

          I hope, these few ideas will help you to establish your own business.

          Magdalena Szarafin
          <a href="">