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    Progressive & Innovative Web Development

    intechspecial Ranger

      As the owner of Integrity Technology Specialists, I focus my services on creativity and innovation, based in honesty and integrity.

      As a volunteer for people in need, I focus my efforts on those that need me the most.

      It has been stated that my web design services are "amusing and boring" in comparison to other web development companies.

      The free services Integrity Technology Specialists offers is provided by the owner Michael Stratton.

      Paying services outside of basic HTML web design is provided by a world-wide network of IT professionals and coompanies.

      The term "Integrity" is used to establish our willinges to uphold a sense of goodness, and honesty.
      The term "Technology" is to describe what your business cannot do without.
      The term "Specialists" is a simple way to explain a sole proprietorship that has friends and partners all over the world.

      Integrity Technology Specialists
      Empowered Web Services
      "If they won't pay me to do it, I will do it for free!"

      Michael Stratton; MCSA, MCP, MCNPS, A+, Server+, Net+
      Disabled Business Owner