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    Need help with advertise and more trafic to site

    fastautoworks Newbie
      Hi everyone i am a new member to the forum. Read a lot of interesting topic and decided to become a member. I have been in business for 6 years now. The infomation site is fairly new and need help on how to market the right way to bring more trafic to site. Our prior advertising has been with yellow pages, mass mailing and local paper but that doesn't seem to work out anymore and are getting very expensive. Our company is new to the world wide web. Thanks in advance.

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          Cashfreedom Adventurer
          I use Direct Matches, a business space to get more traffic to my site. It is free to join and you can upgrade up to 3 levels. It is a community of over 300,000 business people who share businesses with fellow networkers.

          You can check it out. You can google it, or use my link to access the site. My link is

          It is an awesome place to expose your site and business!

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            val_cards Scout
   offers Small Business Owners with or without storefronts a very affordable yet most effective way to build customer loyalty, create brand awareness while making a difference in the world.
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              Hey there Tuan,

              We have recently launced our Online Advertising and Marketing Services which deals directly with helping companies just starting out. We offer very low cost ways of spreading the word because to be honest, what good is a website if no one knows about it right?

              Please take a look at your earliest convenience.
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                MarketSmarter Newbie
                I visited your site and I have a question - what is your goal of driving people to your site? Based on how the site is designed, it seems you ultimately want people to call you to set up an appointment and bring their car in for a performance upgrade.

                If that is the case, I would recommend using Google AdWords or Yahoo Paid Search and purchase relevant search terms for your geographic area. Some terms that immediately come to mind would be fleet maintenance, auto service, auto repair, etc. The nice part about these services is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and links to your site. You can set your monthly budget and how much you are willing to spend for each click.

                I would also ensure you implement a search engine optimization strategy.

                Lastly, I would contact all current customers with an email or postcard and let them know about your web presence and the benefit of them going there - to find online specials.

                Before you do any of these things, I recommend adding Google Analytics to your site to help you track web traffic. It is a free service, but very valuable.

                Hope this helps.
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                  promo.plan Newbie
                  Besides working with a specialist to optimize your site, you can register it in free directories like Merchant Circle, which will help bring it up in the rankings in your local area. You can view my listing at

                  You can also add a blog to it, which will add fresh content on a regular basis. This is very easy to set up and doesn't require any expertise. If you need tips on how to do it visit my blog, as I recently addressed using this very powerful branding tool:

                  Also, I agree with you that the yellow pages is a waste of money but direct mail on the other hand, done properly, generates 1 to 2 % response on postcard type mailings, higher if it involves a very targeted, hand picked mailing list, an intriguing mailing piece and a very well constructed offer and call to action. In visiting your site I gather you service is for a very defined audience, it seemed a little too general and centered about your business rather than the benefits you offer.

                  Just my 2 cents...

                  Good luck!
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                    ddragon Newbie
                    Have you tried setting up a blog? Search engines, especially Google, seem to favor blogs and can often get them listed in search results within a few days for your targeted keyword terms/topic.

                    Using blog carnivals, you can quickly start building relevant incoming links to your blog, and also gain new readers through the published carnival listings.

                    You can use blog carnivals yourself fairly easily, although it can be time consuming, or you can look for companies that offer blog carnival submission services, like ours:

                    Another way to bring more traffic to the site is to write articles on your topic regularly and submit to article directories. If you can write and submit the articles yourself, this is also free. Good directories that bring the best results:, and

                    Good luck!
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                      koz4change Adventurer
                      Use other forums and blogs to send traffic to your site. Also, try Traffic Blazer. Check it out at