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    Starting a Bar/Lounge...

    BlackberryUse Newbie
      I am starting a bar/lounge in syarcuse new york. I need help to decide what type of business to start.
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          GrowthCurve Adventurer
          Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you're not quite ready to open a business.

          No one else can tell you what kind of business to start.

          Do you think that Syracuse needs another bar or lounge? Why do you think that? What's missing from the current options?
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              Bridge Navigator
              Actually, other people can be a great sounding board in helping an individual determine what type of business to open.

              Additionally, we tend not to see our own short comings or personality flaws and a view from an unbiased friend or relative could help someone avoid a big mistake. You may think you are the best chef in the world and want to open a restaurant only to have you family tell you they have been feeding your food to the dogs under the table for years!

              I encourage people to take a good review of their strengths and weaknesses and have it reviewed by others as well. This is a good starting point in determining what type of business might "fit" you.

              Best of luck,
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              Madore Newbie
              I'm planning on starting to open a night club and lounge in NY and I'm looking for a business partner, if you're interested just send me a msg at
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                Bridge Navigator
                Could you clarify your question a little please.

                You mention you would like to open a bar/lounge and then ask for advice on what type of business to start - I got a little confused.

                If you are considering a bar/lounge, make sure you are willing to work late hours and be involved in a "cash" business where you need to keep a close eye on employees.

                I am sure the forum members could give you many things to lookout for in their experience.

                Owning you own business is great but it is a lot of hard work.

                Rather than start a bar you might also want to consider buying an existing operation. Bars and restaurants are always for sale - just be very careful about only paying for (valuing) reported revenues.

                Best of Luck,