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    Investors & Spam Posts

    intechspecial Ranger
      I wish there was a way that we could slow down on the amount of posts of persons trying to announce to Bank of America to "GIVE ME MONEY".

      It seems each day there is a new business or lender, stating how they "need 2.5 millon" or have "1.2 million to invest".

      This is almost as bad as when certain users post 300 responses in a row, all the same "token verbage".

      Is there any way we can stop this mad investors forum?

      You would almost think that people believe this site to be a "Get Free Money" site.

      I must say that not all comments are worth there value in cash, and if you did not notice, it costs nothing to post or respond to this board.

      Thats my story, and I am sticking to it.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Written tongue-in-cheek (sort of) . . .

          As of yesterday, members of this community have made posts in the "Money Matters" forums specifically requesting a total of $1,895,590,000 (almost $2 billion) in start-up or expansion funding since this community was founded 15 months ago -- plus there are nearly as many posts that didn't specify an amount (a grad student has been tracking this for a project).

          Perhaps there's a solution over in the "Business Opportunities" forums. There, other members of the community have made literally thousands of posts that describe MLM deals where an opportunity seeker can make huge money within days or weeks with little or no investment. I've noticed that Luckiest often responds to these with "I'll be in touch." If he DID actually respond, and if the programs being promoted have yielded the specific revenues they claimed, he has made about $5.6 billion from them so far.

          There are a lot of legitimate business owners who visit this site to find or exchange information (and naturally, those issues sometimes include financial challenges). Obviously, there needs to be a place for those discussions to occur. Beyond that, however, the facts above indicate that there are a lot of people who expect to be able to borrow money on the basis of nothing more than a vague business idea -- and a lot of people who can apparently create money on the basis of nothing more than a vague business idea. Maybe they need to get together. Maybe they are.
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            WarrenD Adventurer



            How about put all the lenders, so-called lenders, scam artists, and investors, be only allowed to post in the business calassifieds.


            How about getting these lenders, so-called lenders, scam artists, and investors checked out before they can join the community, or post in the forum. This will cut down on the post for people looking for money on this site. How you ask, because when people come to this site they won't see the post of these frauds saying they'll loan or invest to anybody,all you have to do is be breathing. That's what causing all the posts come up.

            Yes, there are alot of businesses looking for money looking on this site, but to think that most of us is just looking for "Free Money" is just ignorant. If you look finding a loan, or funding these days is very hard in this economy. Especially for start-ups!! So if they post here for another way, or avenue to find a loan, or funding during this economy the more power to them for resourceful

            Yes it's free to post to this community, but it is also not required to read all the posts to be a member either.


            That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


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                CapitalCoach Wayfarer

                I'd like to chime in and provide some points to ponder from a slightly different view - my passion and business is helping entrepreneurs get started. Since most need or want capital, it's usually a high priority. I am not a supplier of capital nor do I raise it for clients.


                1. As previously stated, many folks seem to beleive that having the next great idea is enough to get them the money.


                2. When their post doesn't get results - they assume it's because there aren't any investors here.
                3. While it might be nice if all the participants in this (or any other site) were "checked out" before they could post - the economics aren't there to support the amount of time and energy required.


                4. There is a lot of capital out there looking for solid opportunities that are Capital Ready.
                5. Acquiring capital is not brain surgery nor is it magic - but it takes more than the idea. When we seek shortcuts - we are the most vulnerable.
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                    intechspecial Ranger
                    CapitalCoach -

                    Who are you and what do you do?


                    I see nothing in your profile except the name "CapitalCoach".

                    It might help you in your efforts if you complete your profile.
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                      WarrenD Adventurer


                      Where do I start:
                      1. So are to trying to say most of the people on this forum had an idea, and and came to this forum for all of the free money given out here. I must be missing something, or did it backwards. I've been working on my idea for a year and a half, gone though SCORE (they said I'm ready for funding), taken courses, and started networking in the area I'm into business in. I'm sorry community I did it wrong.


                      2. That's right cap tell them there's here, they're coming out the walls here, Just the other day I got an e-mail from the Sheikh of Dubai just the other day from this site.


                      3. It might not be feasable or cost effective, but it's needed here. Up above where I told I was e-mailed by the Sheikh of Dubai, it's true at least that's what he claims. If anybody believes that I got some land 100 miles east of Miami to sell them.


                      4. Gosh my core counselors say it's hard right now because of the economy right now. So if there is alot out there why don't you grace all of us with your wisdom.


                      5.Finding capital it's not brain surgery, but it's not like taking candy from a baby either. Tell us what you do, find capital for a price?


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                          CapitalCoach Wayfarer


                          In response to your latest


                          1. I didn't mention "free money" and I wasn't referring to you specifically. Since I don't have any information about you or your business, please don't take my comments personally.

                          During the past 7 years, I've encountered many entrepreneurs who did not take the time to get fully prepared (I call it Capital Ready) before they go out and seek the capital. Congratulations to you for putting in the time and effort to prepare.


                          2. I don't have information about this site specifically. My comment was of a general nature. Although the economic situation is difficult - those with capital to invest are still looking for solid opportunities.

                          What I do know from past experience, is that private investors (as opposed to professional investors) do not readily identify themselves to the general public - but like to "observe" the entrepreneur for some time before declaring their interest.


                          3. Since it's not cost effective - I'm not sure how or who would do the screening.


                          4. Two points I'd like to put forth:
                          a) Between the "new" money being printed and lending institutions hoarding- the US is virtually awash in cash right now.
                          b) If one beleives there is no capital available - they will be right.


                          5 We do not raise capital for clients. There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that, in early stage situations - the entrepreneur and the team are a major success factor. Our business is guiding and assisting early stage businesses to be ready and attractive to capital, then supporting them in the execution of their capital plan.


                          For most people, raising capital has never been like taking candy for a baby. We beleive that "virtually" anyone in the USA can acquire some capital -if they prepare themselves and their business and follow a system. It all begins with a viable business concept.