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    e-Commerce and m-Commerce

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      E-commerce is defined generally as electronic sales transactions over the internet. M-commerce stands for mobile commerce, which is a new concept supported by the advance of wireless technology. Business transactions made on mobile internet-capable devices, such as handheld appliances, fall into the realm of m-commerce.



      E-business terminology creates confusion for everyone, because it advances and evolves very quickly with new technology. How many of these terms do you know and recognize: B2b, b2c, m2b, b2g, g2b, g2c, wap, xtml, crm, cro, asp, and disintermediation? To eliminate frustration, adopt an online technology dictionary as a tool. Several examples are Webopedia and TechWeb
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          intechspecial Ranger

          There really are so many new "techie" words, that even geeks like me have a hard time keeping up.


          It is best before you work with any tech on any level to try and locate an online technology dictionary.


          You will develop the respect, admiration, and acceptance of your fellow techies from hear to cyberspace in an adobe flash.
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            XTML? Where did THIS come from??????

            I am teaching myself HTML and am learning it as XHTML, that there are some differences, with the main difference being stricter syntax, so then the element & attribute names must always in lowercase, requirement for end tags for all non-empty elements, empty elements should be written in minimized form, attribute values must always be in quotation marks and all attributes must have values.

            What did I miss? The book has said nothing about XTML. Where did the hyper go?

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