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    Question about Business Expenses

    OrenjiDesigns Wayfarer
      Hello everyone! I would greatly appreciate any help regarding 2 issues I've been having trouble finding the answer to. I am a freelance web/graphic designer and use my home office to work. I have recently opened a corporation and also work outside the home.

      The questions is: I share an apartment with another individual (no relationship) who lived here before me. Therefor, I pay this person half the rent. I was wondering, as a freelancer, can I put this expense as a business expense? Would it not be as if I am paying rent for one room (my office/bedroom)?

      Also, when it comes to clothes for work, can I also put that as a business expense for my corporation? I work out of the house as a designer (part-time) as well, and need work clothes.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you very much and I apologize if these questions sound silly. I'm extremely new at this!!