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    I need help

    techdiff Newbie
      About a month ago I started a computer services company called Technical Difficulties ( We work on computers, do networking, design websites, and hosting. For the last month I have made some money, but I really need more to continue doing this operation. This is a home based business and I have mailed out flyers, emailed people about offering services, advertised on google, myspace, facebook, and city search, as well as the paper. I have received little response from these. I wish I could do more, but all my money has been tied up by this. I know you guys out there have been in the same boat.

      So my question is, Where do I go from here? How will I get more customers?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I need help, Welcome Cody of Fairview Tenn.

          You need to develop a Marketing Plan to get more customers
          and both SCORE and I can help you. SCORE is FREE.

          Do you have a Federal I D Number??

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            NoBullFunding Scout
            Hi Tech and congrats on the business. The first thing to remember when it comes to marketing and promotion is that it will always be an ongoing process and not a singular event. All the ways you have attempted to market yourself are a good start, but you need to keep in mind that consumers are bombarded day and night with advertisments and sales pitches.

            The best way that I've found to gain customer its to either give away a service or product for free. That way you can showcase what you can do, and the customer doesn't fear making a bad purchase. Think about joining local organizations like the local chamber of commerce or rotary where you can start to make some contacts. Perhaps you can approach local businesses that don't have a web presence and come up with a "special" for them that includes a website and hosting.

            I have tinkered with websites and there seem to be a few dominant players. Have you given any thought to how you can differentiate yourself? No matter what you decided to do, the process is going to be much longer and harder than you ever thought it would for sure was for me.
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                techdiff Newbie
                I guess I could target a few potential businesses out there that need some websites and offer then a special discount. They would be able to try it for half the cost, then if they like it after a month (customers roll in) and all is going well, then they just pay the other half.
                That would be a good idea. Thank you

                I know this will take time. I just need people to talk to about it. I actually got the city I live in to allow me to support there systems. Though they are small, it still sounds bigger to say, "We service the City of Fairview".
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                liveassistant Newbie
                Hi TechDiff,

                A marketing strategy is absolutely essential to any business - no matter how long it has been in the business - it is recommended to re-visit your marketing and business plan annually in order to be abreast with advances not only in technology, but also in the current economic climate.

                You have to set your business apart from the rest of your competitors. What benefits can your clients have by dealing with you instead of your competitor?

                Join local networking opportunities - business organisations - and customise an "elevator pitch" for yourself where you can describe what you do in 30 seconds. Ensure that you add value and benefit to your clients' business.

                Try to write articles, publish a blog, get yourself to be known as the expert in your particular field in your area. Finding clients is like planting seeds - it is long hard work - keep watering your seeds and allow time for it to germinate and nurture it. There is no quick solution to your challenge.

                Remember that it takes at least 7-8 times to speak to a potential client before they actually buy from you. Just think positive and welcome each day with a warm smile.

                Hope this helps.