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    Venture Capital Company Looking For Serious Entreprenuers

    HCRBANCORP Wayfarer

      We at HCR Bancorp are looking to fund start ups and early stage business's looking to expand. We are looking for deals that are fundamentally sound with verifiable growth opportunities. We have experience in a broad category of sectors and will look at both debt and equity financing solutions.

      On the surface, your request looks to be a venture we may be interested in. Please forward a short form business plan with a detailed executive summary to and after review one of our venture analysts will contact you regarding your request.

      Thank You
      HCR Venture Funding Dept.
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          Mark SLF Wayfarer
          We have many clients looking for start up capital. Please send me some information on your services.

          Thank you.
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            Tada12 Wayfarer
            What amounts are they looking to lend, at what %, for what types of companies, how much documentation and how soon?
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Can you provide a list of references, ie: small companies or individuals that you have funded? I may be interested in submitting an exec summary, but I need to cover all the bases first.

              Thanks, DomainDiva
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                Sir, I received your email. It was a detailed list of the types of deals your company invests in, however there were no references, ie: Names and contact information for people that you have done business with, nor was there any indication in your email that this information would be forthcoming. I am interested in an outside investor at this time, however we need more than just an email about what you have done. We need facts to be able to complete our due diligence. Please, if you have the references, lets make arrangements to get due diligence started.

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                  jay2maui Wayfarer

                  Hello, my name is Jay Smith and my Company is "How To Go Public". I am reaching out to your group for two reasons. First of all I am looking for private companies that would benefit from being publicly traded. For as little as $50K we would be able to get most companies listed on the OTCBB. Perhaps some of the companies your group has put money into might be a good candidate.


                  Secondly, because I am taking private companies public through an S-1 Registration they would need a number of non-affiliate shareholders who would own free trading stock to enable the new public entity to have a "public float". These investors would be the initial "seed" stock the public market would need. These investors would be buying their shares at a discount to what the registered share price would be in the S-1. All potential investors will have access to audited financials and a full prospectus. The S-1 process through the SEC and an accepted Form 211 reviewed by FINRA will give the client company full reporting status on the OTCBB. This is the ultimate "ground floor" opportunity. Ideally 40 individual shareholders all owning 10,000 shares = 400,000 shares @ $.125 per share = $1,250 would constitute a "minimum float.


                  I want to make it clear that there are risks involved which are fully disclosed in the Prospectus as in any investment. However what makes this opportunity unique is that these initial shareholders will be the market. Any funds raised in this manner will go directly to the client company and all stock will be issued from the Treasury.


                  If you or any of your members would like more details please feel free to call me at 775-851-7397