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    $1,020,00 JV Investor needed for apartment building purchase

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      Here is our client's offer:

      "Private funding needed to purchase an apartment building.
      Funds needed $1,020,000. The investor will get 20% interest on their investment and the return payment will be $2,863.60 for 120 months with a balloon payment in the 10th year of $880,000. The principal reserves the option to pay the note off at an earlier date with no pre payment penalty. The investor wil also receive 20% of the net cashflow equal to their investment of the $1,020,000.

      The principal will also purchase Key man/business loss insurance to protect the investors funds. If there is just cause and a good reason to do so, there will be the option to replace the management after closing only after there has been a chance to evaluate the performance of the management that is currently in place. Payments begin 30 to 60 days after closing. The investment is needed as soon as possible.

      The offer being made to the investor is only an estimate of the return to the investor. We are only providing a guarantee to the investors that their funds that they have in the deal will be insured. The return being offered is only an estimate. We cannot guarantee the return being offered. We still will need to bear fay the claims being made by the seller doing our due diligence."

      If this is of interest, please contact cashflowpeople at for additional information.