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    Non-profit with a potential indirect business investment

    LBZ_Chief Newbie

      We are a non-profit in Chicago with an interest in community economic development amongest the cities poorest neighborhoods.
      We are not in the business of giving out hand outs, but empowering people who have statistically been excluded from every major
      marker or milestone that indicate status, wealth, and health. We are trying to rebuild one "ghetto" at a time. Although not a politically correct phrase, and at the
      risk of rnning of any potential investors, this is the truth. Black and brown of low-income levels are still a major factor in many areas, from unemployment taxpayers have to drum up
      to billion dollar consumer group, and record increase in registered voters. These people deserve an opportunity atthe American Dream, face it with bad credit scores, lack of
      education, no family equity are people of these groups to all suffer the Katrina fate?

      Our vision is simple, purchase the communities abandoned properties in the community, create need businesses and affordable, fair housing.
      Then train and hire the residents of the community to run and work in these businesses. These establishments will be owned by the community and
      profits will go back into the community to further fund efforts. I don't know everything about business, although I am a founder and current CEO, I do know the people
      of the aforementioned communities. We just want to see the opportunity for the Ameican Dream realized by all, especially those o us whom it is so far from.

      I figured someone will be able to advise us in what we can and can't do, and maybe take us under their wing and bring us into Capitalism American style,
      we have no problem sharing what is legal.