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    Working Capital

    Faithful1 Newbie
      Does anyone have any information that can help me save my business? I've been in business for eight months now, and things are very tough for me. I tried to get some financial help, but I can't find anything. Although I have no choice but to give up, I just want to try one more thing; to knock one more door to see if there is any hope at all. The fight to save my business is more than a financial loss. It is a financial, a physical, and an emotional investments and I just want to fight until the end!
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          tqcouch Wayfarer

          You said the one thing that business owners should not say "GIVE UP".

          Where does your screen name come in?

          Hopefully you didnt close business, but we may can help you over-all on how you feel about your business through our creative financing program, it simple, fast and easy we dont need to put pressure on you that already is.

          Please give me and email my name is Tq.

          And we will be here to follow you through.

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            alferg Newbie
            Hey, I hear you. I have been in business for 18 years, and I'm hitting the bottom as well. A couple of bad business decisions, and I'm almost sunk. If you find any very high risk backers, let me know. I could use a cushion to get me thru this extremely slow period. Hang in there, as I will, and save that business.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Working Capital, Welcome Brunia

              What kind of info are you looking for?? It sounds like you need a quick Marketing Plan.

              And YES, I do understand, *The fight to save your business is more than a financial loss.
              It is a physical and an emotional issue.

              Let me know what I can do to help, LUCKIEST
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                BizHelper Newbie

                I would like to know more about you and your business maybe I can help. Please email me so that we can set a time to speak.




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                  TopSavingsNet Wayfarer
                  Yes. I think you should seriously consider doing a PESTLE and SWOT on your business. This will give you some great insight into what needs to be done to effectively compete and sustain in your market.


                  This will also help you draft up loan proposals, as a matter of fact, many creditors these days demand it. Regardless, these analysis methods are more for you than them. Use them!
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                    businesswoman Newbie

                    I know what you are going through especially in these time where money has dried up from banks and everwhere. I can say I am in the same boat as your are business is very slow and the bills and expenses are there to pay. Hope you will get some capitalt to hold you over and to save your business. I know the sweat and tears that goes into to starting a business. Good Luck!
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                      OilandGas Newbie
                      I also understand how you feel. I am also looking for working capital. People are telling me not to give up and hit as many people as you can. More you try, more chances you get.
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                        bmt2008 Adventurer

                        Don't know that much about running a restaurant. But, I do watch Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares every once in a while. I notice that the consistent advice for all the restaurants they help is: Do something in your neighborhood that no one else is offering.


                        Can you change you menu? If so, in the mean time, reduce costs to the bare necessities and try to promote a food that no one else is doing.


                        Just my thoughts