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    How could I start my resturant & what is the whole process?

    jimmy_745li Newbie

      I'm a really good cook with some homemade recipes without the help of any cook books out there. I've tested my food dishes for parties I've thrown for special occasions, along with some other very positive opinions from strangers who came over with some close friends. Now I need to know how I could start and what ideas/process I have to get into in order for everything to come together. My credit's not that great due to past bad decisions, but my wife has good established credit. We want to start a resturant business in South Orange County location in Irvine up to San Clemente. The resturant will be mainly serving a wide variety of Asian/American/Mexican dishes. I don't need an oversize resturant, but a small good size one would do to serve breakfast and mainly lunch/dinner. So if you feel like eating Asian, American, or Mexican is up to you. The food wouldn't even be priced for the quality I'm offering. My cooking is consist of my passion for people to enjoy the dish with every little taste/flavor where you would be a guaranteed returning client. Please help me out. Thank you and I would greatly appreciate all the help or ideas I could get.