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    Angel orPrivate Investor Needed for  Auto detailing Business

    Detailer730 Newbie
      own and operate a small mobile detailing company. We are looking to go to a
      fixed location garage but need funding. I have done all of the things needed to
      establish myself as a
      legitimate company (incorporating it as an llc, 5 business accounts(operating, savings, payroll, expenses, bill pay) , business plan, internet presence via a website, etc.), but with all of that I am
      missing the one thing needed to expand - capital. We started in April and since then have grown month on month in revenue. We currently have 1 employee and myself with 1 van. I handle all of the business dealings, sales and marketing while my employee does the detailing. Our biggest driver of revenue is our website. We have invested in SEO both PPC and Organic and are #1 on the in our county. We have received comments that we have one of the best websites in the industry. It is clean and service focused. and has a snappy name. Some of our biggest customers are WTOP, Lockheed and Martin and Bowa Builders.


      Now we think the time is right to move to a fixed location. With the move we will expand our services to offer the following:

      1. Detailing
      2. Paintless Dent Repair
      3. Window Tinting
      4. Paint Chip Repair
      5. Wheel Repair

      With the economy so messed up we are attempting to capitalizing on people saving $ and keeping their cars longer. They just want them to look nice. Still, with the diversification of our services, the core will still be auto detailing. We will give free car washes when anyone utilizes one of our other services. This is to gain them as a detail customer. We have found a warehouse location on a main strip in the DC metro area. It is 5000 Sq Ft and the location is perfect! The rent is approx 5k per month, which is steep but I believe the walk in traffic alone will get us a minimum of 15k per month. The location is right at the corner of a street light. It has good bones but needs to become a shop since it is a warehouse currently. My vision for the shop is as follows:
      1. It will have a spa like feel to it. Customers will enjoy sitting and waiting
      2. We will have flat screen tv's in the waiting area with a cappucino coffee machine
      3. Large waiting room chairs (small versions of a la-z-boy)
      4. Free Wi-Fi for waiting customers
      5. Noni Juice vending machine
      6. Clean, contemporary and classy lobby area
      7. Well lit and clean shop area to work on cars

      I feel this will separate us in the industry and there is nothing like this in the DC metro area. In addiiton, I am in the process of becoming a certified minority business and there are not any detailers that have this certification. If we did win any contracts or subcontract on any contract for the state of Fed, that would get us at least $300-$400K in revenue.

      I would need about $400K to make this happen. My credit score is around 650 and I am looking for investors. I am new to this so I do not know what to ask for or how to payback. Angels wanted and accepted!!