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    How to raise capital for your business?

    cfointhebox Newbie

      When you're seeking to raise large amounts of capital from investors, you need a complete financing package that tells prospective investors everything they'll need to know to make an investment decision. To be successful, you need to be well-prepared.


      Here's a short list of all the things you'll need to raise millions in capital and why you need them.

      Business & strategic plans - tell the story of your business and the strategy you'll use to make money.

      Certified business valuation - how much is your idea worth?

      Modeling, forecasts and projections - how "real" are the numbers you're using to predict how much money you'll make? We use verifiable numbers to convince the investor that your numbers are "real". Step2Vital statistics sheet - a snapshot of your company's vital statistics.

      Presentation to capital sources - includes slide shows, multimedia, and in-person presentations to investment sources. Step3Video presentation - providing you with 15 to 20 minutes of compelling messages about your company's visions and road map to success.

      Capital structuring - you can't structure deal that's fair to you and the investor without first knowing how much money you'll need (based on forecasts) and how much money your idea is worth (based on a certified business valuation). Once you know that, then you need to ask some questions. Should you look for all stock investment? Should you borrow the money? Should you use some combination of the two? We can advise you on the best structure for your deal.