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    Real Estate Sales:  The Home that Shows Well Sells Well!

    telepals Newbie
      If you're an investor or an agent, you understand this principal: The better it looks, the faster it sells! The only question you may have is: Who's going to pay for those "aesthetic" repairs? The answer is simple: Your insurance company!

      Why pay for covered losses when you can call a Public Adjuster for a free review of your policy, a free inspection and free claims assistance? All of this is FREE to the home or business owner. A Public Adjuster works on a contingency fee basis. This means he only gets paid when you do. If your claim is denied, you owe him nothing.

      A Public Adjuster is not an insurance agent. He represents the home or business owner. When it comes to insurance claims, the Public Adjuster is the owner's attorney. Would you go to court without representation? No? Then, why go to your insurer without a Public Adjuster?

      If a home you are trying to sell clearly needs a new roof or a new carpet, why not file a claim to cover the cost of replacement? Do this with all of your "ugly" homes and watch your sales take off! You'll not only find you are selling homes more quickly, but you'll be getting better prices for the same properties.

      For more information, or to arrange for a free inspection, call Kent at: 267-342-3437