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    Need Help Collecting From a Canadian Customer?

    BillCollector Wayfarer
      Many collection agencies claim they can collect from your customers in Canada; however the reality is that your account will not be seen as a MUST PAY priority as you or your local collection agency are in the USA and subject to our laws.

      Collecting from our northern business associates is best handled by a Canadian collection expert. Our comapny is headquartered in the largest free trade zone in the world, Michigan. We own an agency in Canada too. Just go to our web site: and click on the "Canadian Office" tab to be immediately connected with a collection expert on the ground in Canada.

      There is no substitute for being there. Our Canadian office reports to the credit bureaus, understands the local marketplace, and most times can sue on your behalf in Small Claims court if your account is within the jurisdictional limit. Most of our clients say the main reason they turned to us was their agency or attorney was not licensed to practice or conduct business in Canada.

      Ask to be set up on our Web Host so you can view our collection activity in real time.

      Account Adjustment Bureau, LLC ...the Collection Experts

      p.s. - We are able to assist you in collecting from your slow paying customer anywhere across America. Give us a call toll free at 1-866-448-3936 and ask for Julie Bell.