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    Collection Experts

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      Here are the top 7 reasons why business owners chose Account Adjustment Bureau, LLC over our competitors:

      1. “No Risk Plus Cash Back” formula, if there’s no collection – there’s no charge to you.
      2. 100% focused on debt recovery. Since debt recovery is all we do, we dig deeper to uncover opportunities that others miss.
      3. All \\ funds collected are secured by government approved bonds. We maintain \\ $3,000,000 Errors & Omissions insurance because we’re serious about \\ your money.
      4. Our collectors work with your customers to resolve accounts quickly and professionally.
      5. We \\ understand that your time really is money. You can trust us to look \\ after the details and leave you to work with your paying customers.
      6. Unlike \\ small agencies we’re licensed to collect in multiple jurisdictions. \\ With our “one-stop” service, you don’t need to hire an agency in each \\ state.
      7. Most collection agencies claim the \\ can collect in Canada - Account Adjustment has an office in Canada. \\ There is no substitute for being there.
      Account Adjustment Bureau, LLC ...the Collection Experts