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      My name is Jason James, director of scarycaravan studios and writer/director of The Spider Garden.


      The Spider Garden is a feature film combining both live action and animation.


      We are looking for companies and/or individuals to sponsor the film at only £5.00 each. We are wanting to reach our goal of 10% of the films budget through sponsorship. The remaining 90% will be from private investors.




      1. A screen credit (on the actual film).
      2. A link on this website
      3. A client log-in to the site, where you will be able to see the film's development via video updates, documents and more (only accessible by sponsors).


      You can become a sponsor by visiting The Spider Garden website here: Welcome to The Spider Garden or by going directly to the sponsor page here: Welcome to The Spider Garden


      About The Film.


      Logline: In a dark, mysterious world created by the imagination of 10 year old Timothy Price, The Spider Garden is a journey of nightmares, companionship and revenge.


      A brief synopsis: The Spider Garden is a dark, mysterious journey into the world of a 10 year old boy; Timothy Price. Having just moved out of the city to live in the small village a Mumby, with his mother, Tim immerses himself in his favorite past time; collecting spiders. But Tim is no ordinary boy, some may think him strange. Tim collects his spiders by pegging them to the washing lines in his back garden.


      One morning Tim wakes to find that all his spiders have mysteriously disappeared. Where have they gone?...


      And so the nightmarish quest to find the missing spiders begins.


      If you have any questions regarding this project please don't hesitate to contact me, email:


      Kind Regards


      Jason James
      scarycaravan studios