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    Double maybe sextuple 350K in two years.

    Unsinkable300 Wayfarer
      Six year old company with two issued patents, two world records, and two more patents pending. Business deveoper has worked this business part time for six years while developing new technology. Patent just issued.

      Seeking 350K Seed Capital for two years use. Expect to double maybe even sextuple capital in two years. Possibly will only need capital for one year, you should get the same return.

      This particular opportunity has over 70 news articles about it. Several local CBS, Fox, and NBC news articles about it as well as many newspaper and magazine articles.

      In the next few months it is expected to receive near 1000 news articles.

      The product is nothing spectacular just fixes a problem in a large market. Details will be given after you prove you have the abilitiy to fund. No up front fees will be paid under any circumstance.