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    Looking for advice for my new cleaning business

    kennichi Newbie
      I just started a cleaning business in Miami and Broward County and hav'int got any contracts yet so can someone please give me some advice and how to gets some cleaning contracts?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New cleaning business, Welcome Ken

          You are looking for advice. Tell me why you went into this *cleaning business*??

          Two suggestions. Develop a Business and marketing Plan.

          Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            bigcloudmedia Adventurer
            Welcome to the forum, kennichi.

            I think you should start with a business plan that way you can map out where you want to take your business and how you want to get there.

            I have been going to networking events and the like and it has gotten me a lot of contacts in various business areas. You should check and see if there are any networking events in your area, especially if you are planning to do commercial. Networking locally is probably going to be your best bet as far as getting clients. Tell everybody about your new business and you will be suprised what clients come out of it.

            If you are wanting to do some online advertising or get yourself a website for your business, my company, Big Cloud Media, can help you with that. We are a full-service web-design and development company that specializes in building custom websites and websolutions for businesses.

            Either way, I hope that this helps you get some business.

            Best wishes in your venture and have a great day.

            Koji Flowers
            Big Cloud Media
            "We don't just build websites, we open doors."