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    on borrowed time

    borrowedtime Adventurer
      Please help! Need advise on posting ads on net for no cost. Bring customers to web sites. I lost everything house, car, Trucks for Truck business. The economy took me down but not out, Big Rigs cause of fuel costs, break downs and thiefing drivers. Bankrupt, forecloser, etc. I started a home based biz, but no extra money to buy leads, advertise in newspaper. I know there has to be a way to advertise and market for free . I'm down, but not out. I will make this work, but I posted an ad today on craigslist and kijiji, and my ads were not accepted. Can anyone please give advice. I have 1 month left where I live now, then I guess on streets. I will work hard if I can get suggestions. Thank You PS My business is in wholesale vacations and travel
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          CoachMike Wayfarer
          I can understand your frustration in finding free classified ad locations on the internet. I have not yet found any.
          Regarding your business, I don't want to put a damper on you but with the economy the way it is I have to believe a lot of people are adopting a wait and see attitude as regards non necessary expenditures.

          You might try some local neworking clubs. Some will let you come once or twice before you have to join and you can judge how good they might be for you.

          This forum has a place for business classified. In fact I think we are in it.

          Mike Crosa
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            Mr.Link Newbie
            You can post on Craigslist for free. Try putting it into Rants and Raves. Not really an advertising section, but lots of people will see it.

            You can kind of disguise your ad as a Rant by saying something like: "I have all these vacations to sell, but no one is buying them!! Why is that??"

            Of course, as the previous poster said, any non-essentials -- especially "luxury" items like vacations -- are not going to be big sellers in a bad economy.
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              Tada12 Wayfarer
              I am not sure what you are selling or what service you will provide. But there are some avenues on the web to be tapped one is you place an add and coupons and all the information about your business just make sure you use good tags words. You can also list your business on , ,, depending on the area you need to determine how far your sale or service goes but you can advertise on Yahoo, Google, Yellow pages. Just make your add consistent. Once you create the add copy to a word doc so you can copy and paste the same info over and over to make it consistent and fast!

              There is also a pay email service called constant contact for $30 a month. You add the email addresses and create the ad and then blast it out. If you need email addresses you can obtain these by searching Web sites and organizations or request them on the ad Web sites I have listed below and start building your email list.

              I have a small business and I have done all of these and created a Web site for less then $10,00. The web is a great tool if you are diligent! There is also good old going door to door which I have done with flyers! Good luck It is tough for everybody! If you would like more details email me
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