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    What software would suite my needs?

    SenorBonifas Newbie
      I run a small business via the Internet, an partly eBay. I am basically looking for a software that can record all my transactions that I sell (Name, address, phone number, item price etc) on a readily, and fast basis. I also need something that can keep all my information on one secure platform (basically a database) so that I can readily access it from one spot. Any suggestions here? I feel like there are so many software types out there for small business, I just don't know how to find that right type that I need.

      Thank you.
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          ContractAcct Newbie
          I can highly recommend the MS Office Accounting software. If you are already using office then it is a no brainer. If you are not using outlook with business contact manager, you will want to upgrade to include business contact manager so all your prospects & opportunities that you reach out to in outlook can easily be converted to customers in the accounting software.

          As far as the accounting package itself, you can use it for everything from inventory control to invoicing to financial statements or only use it for invoicing - your call. There is also a link available for connecting to eBay accounts...

          It is a very easy package to learn, especially if you are already an office user.

          Good Luck!
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            Why not try something like Intuits Quickbooks? -, My sister uses it in her businesses and it seems to work pretty well and won't break the bank.