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    Investor requested/needed

    Dreamers Wayfarer

      We are looking for a private investor. We raise meat rabbits and would like to expand to be able to process and sell commercially to restaurants, grocers and online. We are currently able to sell to locals only under the IL Dept of Agriculture rabbit raisers exemption. The amount we need to move forward is $270000. For further details please email or request faxed documentation.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Investor requested, Welcome

          Tell me more. How close are you to Chicago??

          How long have you been in business?? Who is the contact person??

          Have you developed a Business Plan and a Cash Flow Report that I can read??

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              Dreamers Wayfarer

              We are about an hour south of Springfield IL on 55. We have been raising rabbits as a hobby for years.... but have recently received from the IL Dept of Ag an exemption which allows us to sell but only to individuals and we can advertise, Our goal is to sell to grocers ( and we have some that will purchase our product once we have aprocessing plant... and we want to be able to sell online.... There is so much to say.... I do have a plan that I can email or fax along with the full purpose documentation. You can reach me during the day and my husband in the evening at 217-835-4475 or by email.... We are wanting to move as quickly as possible. we are needing to be able to obtain more livestock. We can not keep up with requests and orders. We are also wanting to be able to put up a building to house the rabbits due to the weather.

              My husband is usually available by 5pm Mon - Fri and any time on the weekend. We are both working on this, but his knowledge of the rabbits, is more extensive than mine. If a meeting with our contact with the IL Dept of Ag is warranted we can set something up as he is also anxious for us to get things up and rolling. Unfortunately the state does not have any programs available at this time as I have been working with them for over 6 months now.

              Looking forward to talking with you.

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              Dreamers Wayfarer
              The purpose would be to raise meat rabbits and to process the meat on site. We would sell commercially to grocers, restaurants and online as well as to locals. We are not in the housing industry and we are not on Wall Street. We are "Main Street" We are not looking for "free" money, we will be making a monthly payment to the person/persons that will assist us. We are also considering a small share of the annual profits. We have been doing this as a hobby but after talking with several people including our attorney and the IL Dept of Agriculture are wanting to move forward as a business. We can not keep up currently with the demand and are needing to expand our livestock. Per the USDA rabbit meat is the most nutritous meat for humans and with our country's farm land disappearing into the housing industry, raising rabbits is an answer to some of our food concerns. We are not "processed foods". We do not add growth hormones or any thing artifical to our rabbits. We are not asking for "Free Money" we are asking for an investor to invest in the future of "Main Street"