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    Looking for your suggestions: what home business to start?

    costangelo Newbie
      Hi folks!

      this is John

      I'm currently evaluating the idea of starting my own internet business, and I'd really appreciate your help in giving me insights and comments

      Thank you in advance!!

      I've looked at different internet business ideas on the internet: affiliate marketing, google adsense, network marketing, mlm etc. etc.

      I've tried to understand how Clickbank ( works and how it allows people to make profits..

      I also gave a look at some Adsense guides out there, and I got a good overall picture of this business

      I've found a mlm company with an interesting business ( in the personal development arena

      Guys, I'd like to avoid the mistake to start everything by myself.. instead, I'd prefer to tap into an already established and proven business income goal is $5,000-8,000 a month in the long term

      I'm still surfing new websites I've just left my data on a website ( and this time it seemed I'm going to have a conversation with the owner

      In the meantime, guys, what would you suggested me to consider for starting my home business?

      Based upon what follows
      1- low investment (under $500)
      2- a business with a good profit in the short time
      3- high income potential in the long-term
      4- I can dedicate 10-12 hours a week

      thanks to all of you!!