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    Need an Angel, Line of Credit, Business Loan for capital

    Detailer730 Newbie
      Hello I own and operate a mobile auto detailing business in the DC metro area. We started in April and have been very successful so far. Each month we have grown in revenue and we are on a run rate of over $5,000 in revenue for the month of October. We are really small...we have 1 1099 employee and 1 van. Our vans are totally self sufficient with it's on water, electricity and supplies. The reason I am looking for an investor or loan is we are trying to get a fixed location garage and we have identified a place. It is on a major road in PG county Maryland and each day over 10,000 cars drive by so the walk in traffic will be incredible. In addition to our detailing service we will expand our offering to include:paintless dent repair, window tinting, wheel repair, hedalight restoration and rim sales. We feel that in this economy, many people are holding on to their cars longer thus fueling the need for these auto care cosmetic services. The owner is willing to do a lease to own. The property is 1.5M and a lease would be $5k per month. I am looking to raise at least $500k for this location. This garage will be like a spa for you car. The waiting area will have comfy chairs, flat screens, wi-fi, capuccino manchines and a noni juice vending machine. I have done all of the things needed to establish myself as a
      legitimate company which include the following:
      1. Incorporated as an LLC
      2. We have a operating, payroll, expense, bill pay and savings accounts
      3. Business plan that is 30 pages which include financial projections, marketing plan, exit strategy etc
      4. We have one of the catchy's websites in the industry and it is driving 65% of my revenue
      5. We accept all major cc's on our wireless terminal which surprises many people

      With all of that I am
      missing the one thing needed to expand - capital. We have also some major corp customers in the area like WTOP, Lockheed and Martin and Bowa Builders but we need capital. I have 2 homes and I am williput to put my $350000 townhouse up as collateral. I do not know what terms I would want but I would like repayment to startafter 1 year and can pay off within 5 years.
      Please feel free to visit our website at
      and you can contact me at
      Please do not respond to this posting with credit card cash advances. I want a traditional method of raising the capital.
      Thanks and any help would be great!