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      How do I find accounting firms that have clients that need bookkeeping help and can refer my company. We offer an online bookkeeping service that allow the client, their accountant and us as their bookkeeper online secure access to the books. I believe we offer a much needed service but we are not reaching the right market to get the word out.

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          bpfinance Adventurer
          I think your best option in this case would be to talk to accountants. Start with accountants that operate in your area. Your best bet is to begin working with smaller firms or private accountants as they are more willing to listen to you about your product. Most larger firms probably have their software and everything set up, and private relationships with large companies, so it would be difficult to change their minds.

          Also, I would appreciate it if you would let me know a little about your product. We are working on setting up our accounting right now, and don't really have any idea where to start. We are looking for accountants, so if you find any, send me their names.

          Either way, I would enjoy hearing a little more about your product. Send me an email:

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            ContractAcct Newbie
            One of the easiest ways to find accountants would be to go to your state CPA society which will list all the firms and their specialites.

            Also, depending on what accounting software you use, there most likely is a "proefessional accounting network" associated with that software. i.e. for MS Office Accounting & QuickBooks, "on the home page" there is a link that takes you on-line to find local accountants to help you.

            Another place to look would be in "professional on-line networking" places such as LinkedIn.

            Good Luck!
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                kevhan Adventurer
                Thanks for the info. I signed up at Linkedin

                My problem with reaching CPA's in not that I can 't find where they are, the problem is finding the ones that are referring bookkeeping work. I have done many mailings and also cold calling but it seems the firms we are reaching are doing the bookkeeping in-house. I know most firms do not like to do bookkeeping since they cannot earn the higher fees they charge for this kind of work and have limited available billable time.
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                    ContractAcct Newbie
                    If you go to their website, you should be able to see if they offer bookkeeping services. Not all do. Having said that, in this economy, more & more CPA firms are starting to offer bookkeeping and payroll services again to offset their dropping revenues!

                    I guess I would recommend you finding a way to differentiate yourself and aligning yourself with the software company itself. i.e. become a VAR with a software company and run one of the user groups - that is what we did back in the late 80's when this was all so new...

                    Good Luck!
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                  intechspecial Ranger

                  You might want to step back from your business and get some advice from some professionals that might be able to give you a fresh perspective.

                  SCORE and The US Small Business Administration can do this for you, completely free of charge.

                  There should be offices located close to you, as they are nationwide near every big and medium city.


                  Good luck in your endeaver!





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                    Santa Fe CPA Adventurer



                    Send me the details of your company. I am in need of a skilled bookkeping person to review the work of an Indian bookkeeper who does all the data entry work for me. You need a high speed internet connection and dual montors on your computer to be able to work in the system I have established.
                    Richard Robinson
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                      ConnieMitchel Newbie

                      Hi Kevin,
                      I have been providing Bookkeeping Services in Wilmington, Delaware since 2001. I have found "networking" to be the best way to find new clients. This includes joining and participating in local groups such as your Local Chamber of Commerce. Make sure all of the people you now know are aware you are looking for new clients. Many times I have received calls from a person who heard about me from someone else. I teach QuickBooks for the local community college, I facilitate a QuickBooks User Group for the YWCA Enterprise Center, and I teach for the Small Business Development Center. In 2003 I won the Small Business Association Delaware Home Based Business Advocate award. Always carry business cards and post them everywhere you can. Be passionate about your services. When "networking" listen and learn about the other person's business. Ask specifics about how you would recoginize a good referral for them. This will encourage them to do likewise for you. Follow up with the people you meet. Don't give up. You are right this is a much needed service. Also, get to know the SCORE advisors and SBDC advisors in your area. They are good referral sources. Ask for their help.
                      Best of Luck,
                      Connie Mitchell
                      Independent Bookkeeper