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    lists of newly formed businesses

    kevhan Adventurer

      Where can I find a mailing list and/or an email list of newly formed business that I can market to for a outsourced online bookkeeping service.

      The major list companies are too expensive

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Truth is, a reliable mailing list is very costly to put together and maintain -- so it's kind of like saying "Where can I find an apartment? The ones I've looked at are too expensive." You get what you pay for to a large degree -- and the problem, I'm afraid, is that the mailing list industry is mainly providers like those you've evidently looked at already, and those that equate to a low rent crack house in a bad neighborhood. Nothing in between that I'm aware of.

          You can build a list of new local businesses yourself with a little effort for free (new business filings are public information). You can also give away information and expertise in order to build relationships and contacts. If I were planning a serious direct mail campaign that targeted new businesses on a national level (as it sounds like you are), I would try to find out where Capital One gets its mailing lists for new businesses -- because they seem to have it very well covered (and not just new businesses that open accounts with them -- all of them, in this region at least).

          Best wishes.
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              kevhan Adventurer

              thanks for the info

              you are right! I was hoping to use email marketing to new businesses but have not been able to find a list. Snail mail is very expensive about .85 - $1.00 a piece!

              I have been using postcards as a way to reach the maket it is a less expensive way to go but I targeted accountants for referrals and have received a poor response.

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              azbluedevil Newbie

              You can try "Infinite Media" google them for website. They are an affordable B2B list broker.