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    Willing to partner for client referrals

    artdriver Wayfarer
      We are a small web development and internet marketing company based in Washington, D.C. that is willing to partner with a local law firm or other company that may refer clients to us.
      We can do a link exchange to start off and refer our clients.

      Our website:
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          snipperred Scout
          Nice work. I took a look at your concept and portfolio. I'd be interested in discussing collaboration. I don't yet have referrals to offer. However, if you were to help me promote my concept and offer services to my community, then perhaps that could lead to an influx of referrals in a very competitive market. Area Light is a social networking application that can be a lead in to these types of things without necessarily engaging your market through upselling etc. Show your work and interact to develop genuine relationships that breed word of mouth reputation and referrals. My concept is just getting started but I think has some intelligent solutions built in to facilitate this. I welcome cooperation in the project and am happy to feature businesses that contribute or otherwise support the site.

          Also, I really like the portfolio display you put together with the boxes. I have a proprietary project I'm working on and am missing an important piece of the puzzle for my navigation options. I had this same concept in mind through a new startup called bonzobox. However, their utility doesn't allow me to link directly to my menu and is essentially more oriented to their interests. Here you have done precisely what I want to do. Perhaps we can work something out and artdriver can have a permanent presence in my main project. Looking at your work, I certainly wouldn't mind referring people to your services.