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      My name is Amanda Cantrell and I am a Fashion Designer. I am starting my own clothing line called Amanda Cantrell Design. Garment samples are being constructed, the business plan if near completion, and a manufacturer will soon be secured. The clothing line features garments that cater to women of 20-27yrs of age. Work wear for the professional yet non-traditional woman, casual wear for youthful, and elegant silhouettes incubus the meaning behind the Amanda Cantrell Design label! I would deeply appreciate it if you could take a look at my current operating website explaining my line and then make your assumptions of whether you would like to invest.



      As far as location is concerned, I am operating from home. The garments are being constructed in Savannah,GA. I have a timeline of what exactly I need to do starting out and the investment I would require would initially be $5,000.00 which would cover:

      1) Cost of having the samples made: Fabric, Labor, Shipping
      2) Producing the Garment Label & Hangtags
      3) Garments modeled & photographed

      After those steps are completed, then I would obtain a manufacturer who could replicated my designs based off of the samples that had been made. Once a manufacturer is secured, the phase of Marketing begins. I would pitch my line to HSN, QVC, and Boutiques in the US that would carry my line in stores. Once they enter into contract with me, I would order the amount to be produced for sale. To secure a manufacturer that amount of investment needed then would depend upon which manufacturer I would work with but I would like to receive $15,000.00



      To sum up quickly why my line is a great investment:

      • Fashion will always have consumers whether the world is suffering financially or not! Your investment would be returned in full and you share a percentage of the profits made in the future.
      • Based off of feedback regarding my clothing line, Amanda Cantrell Design is a clothing line that can cater to women of all sizes, races, and ages. My clothes don't follow trends, but instead, consists of garments that will always be in style and will always have a loyal fan base.
      • Amanda Cantrell Design WILL be as big as the other top design label one day soon and you have the opportunity to join now!
      • This is my "American Dream" and I want the best help I can get and have the opportunity to help others.

      Thank you for your time,


      Amanda Y. Cantrell


      Amanda Cantrell Design