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    Information about grants for small business

    Dawnshusand Newbie
      Looking to start an electrical contracting business. Will be in wife's name. I have heard that there are government grants for minority's. And also for women owning a business in a masculine field.
      Need to know if this is true, and how, or who do I contact.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Information about grants for small business, Welcome

          Who are you??, Where are you?? How soon do you plan on starting this business??

          A good place to start is SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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              Rufus1 Wayfarer
              Hi my name is Rufus Swanepoel and i'm in South Africa. the business is a Game loge for overseas clients we want to put up 150 units that can take about 300 people. I want to start the business 3de of Jan 2009. that is when i want to start with the project it is a 18 - 24 month project and the out come is good, we are looking about 750 000 - 1mil per month when thing are done, it will be like a atventure in the bush.
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                Dawnshusand Newbie

                My name is Jason King, I am located on the south side of Houston, Texas. (Know as Galveston County) I have over 25 years of experience in electrical construction, and wanting to go out on my own. Looking to start soon after the first of the year. Was hoping that with the company in my wife's name would help out with getting some jobs not offered to every contractor.

                This area has experienced growth even during this economic down turn. Homes are being build, along with commercial building. Now that Hurricane Ike came through, there is more service work than one man can handle.

                I would even be open to investor's, just need to know how that would work, and how to pay them back.
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                GrowthCurve Adventurer
                Despite what the man in the "question mark suit" tells you, government grants are not available to anyone and everyone in search of funds.

                Are there grants out there, either from the private sector or government? Sure.

                Thing is, you're going to have to do the research here yourself, and it won't be easy. If I had to guess, I'd say that you're probably wasting your time.

                Spend some time on the Web and make some contacts. You can not expect someone to spoon feed you here.

                Start with the SBA:

                Then go to your state, county, and city governments, and ask about help for people who want to start a business. Most of these will have "small business development centers" or something of that nature.

                If you have a good business-oriented college in your area, you can contact the school to see if they have any entrepreneurship-related programs.

                One word of advice: Do not spend a ton of money with matchmaking services that promise to find the grant for you. You might spend $20 on a book with a list of small business grants, but that's about it.